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XQ HOTELS is a company that offers specialised services and experience in hotel management. Benefit from this experience and get the best results for your hotel.

Managing a hotel is complicated. It may happen that, through lack of time or other reasons, hotel management is the better option. Get in contact with us and we will help you by first analysing your situation.

The services XQ HOTELS provides are:

a. Marketing.

-Analysis of current contract with tour operators and possible future involvement.
-Analysis of commercial actions currently in force.
-Research possible new sales channels.
Online agency market.
Channel manager.
Direct channels.
-Revenue management. (cost management)
-Yield Management. (profitability management)

b. Operations and organisation.

-Analysis and improvement of operative processes in hotel departments, if applicable.
-Manual of processes for each department.
-Certification on marks of quality (Q of ICTE. Spanish Regulation UNE 182001, ISO…): possibilities and advantages.

c. Finance.

-Preparation of annual operating budget.
-Information system: ‘Control panel’.
-Analysis of monthly results related to the operation of the hotel.
-Determine optimal cooking cost per board basis.
-Control system for material consumption. Stock.
-Budget control, monitoring of all cost items, possible deviation and corrective actions.

d. Human resources.

-Functional organisational chart.
-Work functions and positions.
-Analysis of salary costs.
-Determine the ‘ideal’ template for each department.
-Staff recruitment.
-Follow-up relations with workers' representatives

Contact us: we will find the best collaborative solution for every case.

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